Black British Heroes

In spite of the hard work of activists and professionals from the 1960s on, we still find British Black History fighting for space in the UK curriculum. There are many Black British pioneers and heroes to celebrate within our families and local communities, in the larger worlds of work, politics, science, sports and the arts. We have a large collection of biographies of many significant Black pioneers and heroes that we can lend to school and community groups.

Because we have often struggled to find good printed resources that celebrate Black British Heroes, we have also published our own. Starting with a biography of Olaudah Equiano, we published biographies on Noor Inayat Khan, Samuel Coleridge Taylor, Mary Prince and a compilation of Black British Olympians.

These biographies contain writing and illustrations produced by pupils and students, to create innovative new resources for children. All can be found in the publications page.

Local heroes should be celebrated and many of our other publications highlight the contributions to society made by our city’s community champions.  ‘Roots and Journeys’, presents autobiographies of Dr Das, Mama Elouise Edwards, Paul Okojie, SuAndi, Cllr Afzal Khan, Sheikh Mohammed Ahsanullah, Mrs Kuldeep Kaur Landa, Mrs Fadima Zubairu, Barrington Young, Ujjal Singh, Mrs Khalida Quddoos, Gerry Yeung, Mama Angelica Adjoa Botsoe, Gerry Darby, Mrs Luthfan Nahar Begum.