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Traditional Tales from many Cultures, written & illustrated by children

Sister Rosetta Tharpe and the Chorlton Gospel Train: The story of Sister Rosetta Tharpe , one of the most influential American singer-songwriters of  the twentieth century, and how her music carried her across the world – even to an abandoned railway station in Chorlton-cum-Hardy! Created by  students from Chorlton High School.

The Clever Princess front coverThe Clever Princess: A folk story from Somalia of a princess whose clever plans save her kingdom.  Retold and illustrated by Roshan Ahmed and Year 2 children of Heald Place Primary School.

The Kindly GhostThe Kindly Ghost: A folk story from Sudan of three brothers, a kindly ghost and a magic pouch.  Retold and illustrated by Aden Woodall and Year 4 children of Webster Primary School.



PhilemonThe Story of Philemon and Baucis : A charming fable from Ancient Rome, retold & Illustrated by Year 3 Children of Cheetwood Community Primary School
ISBN 978-0992735029 £3.75



The Singing Sack: A traditional folktale from Spain  in which a mother rescues her captive daughter and  takes revenge on the old rogue who kept her trapped in a sack. Retold and illustrated by Year 4 children from St Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School.
ISBN 978-0992735012  £3.75



Publications The Cat Who Lost Her TailThe Cat Who Lost Her Tail : A traditional Syrian tale in which the cat learns how co-operation can lead to everyone getting what they want. Retold and illustrated by Mathilde Vigier and children from Wilbraham Primary School.
ISBN 978-0992735005 £3.75


Publications Mohini and the Monster

Mohini and the Monster : Children from St Thomas Community Primary School retell and illustrate a traditional Indian folk-story in which Mohini, a young village girl, tricks and defeats a legendary monster.
ISBN 978-0954287481 £3.75


Publications Ebony MyaEbony Mya and the Seven Duppies: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves with a Caribbean twist, written and illustrated with pupils at St Margaret’s Church of England School. £2.99


Publications ColoursThe Gift of Colours: children from Ravensbury Community School retell and illustrate a traditional African folk-tale in which a woman injured while collecting palm-nuts asks three birds for help. Only one agrees… ISBN: 978-0954287460 £2.99


Publications Magic Mermaid

The Man Who Caught a Magic Mermaid: children from St Brigid’s RC Primary School retell and illustrate a traditional Irish Traveller folk-story about a  farmer who captures a mermaid by hiding her magic tail-skin. ISBN 978-0955950537 £3.75


Gypsy woman cave publications

The Gypsy Woman and the Cave is a traditional Roma folk-story retold and illustrated by children from Chapel Street Primary School. A Gypsy shelters in a cave and is surprised to find 12 golden young men who fill her sack with gold coins. ISBN 978-0955950568 £4.50


Miss Peahen and Mister Jackal publications

Miss Peahen and Mister Jackal is a traditional folk-tale from the Punjab, retold and illustrated by pupils from Oswald Road Primary School . How will the unlikely friendship between Miss Peahen and Mister Jackal end, when Mister Jackal fails to grow goats from bones ? ISBN 978-0955950599 £3.75


Tortoise and the Dancing Palm Tree publicationsTortoise and the Dancing Palm Tree is a traditional folk-tale from Nigeria, retold and illustrated by children from Lily Lane Junior School, Moston. When his friendly farmer dies, Tortoise  uses his magical powers to make a dancing palm tree to help him take food from the villagers. ISBN  978-0956517609 £4.50


anansi makes it happen publicationsAnansi Makes It Happen: Two Tales of Anansi the Spiderman contains two traditional folk-tales from West Africa and the Caribbean featuring the trickster Anansi,  retold and illustrated by pupils from St James’ CE Primary School and St Phillip’s CE Primary School. ISBN  978-0956517616 £6.50


The Yellow Thunder Dragon publicationsThe Yellow Thunder Dragon: a traditional folk-tale from China, retold and illustrated by pupils of Bowker Vale Primary School. Chang and his family show hospitality to some unusual visitors, with surprising consequences.  ISBN  978-0956517630 £4.50


The Honoured Guest publicationsThe Honoured Guest is a traditional folk-tale from Bangladesh retold and illustrated by children from Manley Park Primary School. By his odd behaviour at a party, Ram Babu the poet causes a rich merchant to think again about judging people by what they wear. ISBN 978-0956517654 £4.50


The Gingerbread Bees publicationsThe Gingerbread Bees: a traditional folk-tale from Poland, retold and illustrated by children from Rack House Primary School. Bogumil the baker’s apprentice receives a sweet reward for rescuing  a drowning bee. ISBN 978-0956517661 £3.75


crocodileThe Crocodile Who Ran Out of Ideas is a traditional Pashto folk-tale from the Indian sub-continent retold and illustrated by pupils from Divine Mercy RC Primary School. A crocodile tries to get the better of a crafty jackal, but gives up when he can’t make his tricks work. ISBN 978-0956517692 £3.75 

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Biographies of Black British heroes

equianoOlaudah Equiano – Son of Africa, produced with pupils from Our Lady’s RC Primary and St Edmund’s RC Primary, tells the story of Olaudah Equiano, a major figure in the 18th century abolitionist movement in Britain and author of “The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano or Gustavus Vassa, the African”  ISBN 978-0954287436 £3.99


liberteLiberté: The Life of Noor Inayat Khan,  produced with pupils from Chorlton CE Primary School, tells the story of the Muslim SOE agent codenamed Madeleine, who was executed at Dachau and posthumously awarded the Croix de Guerre and  the George Cross in 1949. Designed for primary school children. ISBN 978-0954287474 £5.00


000037Samuel Coleridge-Taylor: The Music Man The story of the composer of ‘Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast’, as well as a large quantity of chamber music and song, told and illustrated by pupils of Rolls Crescent Primary School. One of the most celebrated composers of his day and ‘universally mourned’ when he died at the age of 37 in 1912. ISBN 978-0955950513 £5.00


eded“To Be Free is Very Sweet”: The Life of Mary Prince  The story of Mary Prince, born into slavery in the Caribbean in 1788, became the first life of a Black woman published in Britain and an important weapon in the crusade for the abolition of slavery. Retold and illustrated by students from Plant Hill Arts College. ISBN 978-0955950575 £5.00


olympiansBritain’s Black Olympians, celebrating the achievements of Britain’s Black Olympic Heroes. Children from 15 schools in Manchester have written narrative biographies, created beautiful artwork and composed poetry and fan letters about sportsmen and women from minority groups who have represented Great Britain on the Olympic stage.  ISBN 978-0956517647 £15.00


Abolitionist Heroes x2 Posters – Equiano and Mary Prince £5.00

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Personal Testimonies & Local History

000001A Long Way from Home Young refugees in Manchester tell their stories through poetry, short stories and mini biographies. The young people shared many distressing experiences of loss, regret and solitude. Produced in conjunction with Save The Children. ISBN 978-0954287405 £5.99


000076Mandela, Manchester  An anthology of poems by Manchester secondary school students to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday in July 2008. They are poems about Manchester and its people, forged in Mandela’s spirit and reflecting the example of Nelson Mandela’s exemplary life of struggle. ISBN 978-0955950551 £8.00


000006Strength of Spirit is a book documenting the hidden ‘herstory’ of Bangladeshi women in Manchester:coming and settling in England, education, family, culture and community. Compiled by young Bangladeshi women from Levenshulme High School for Girls and the Trust. The quotes are taken from interviews collected as part of our Exploring Our Roots Project. ISBN 978-0954287429 £5.99


000074Mix-d:uk explores the changing face of Manchester’s mixed race community through portrait photography. It has emerged from the work of the Multiple Heritage Project. The thoughts of contributors are contained in quotations throughout the book. ISBN 978-0955950506 £10.00


rootsRoots and Journeys 15 autobiographies of individuals from the ethnic minority communities in Manchester,  illustrated by many personal photographs. Contributors describe their aspirations, frustrations but most of all their determination to build a new and successful life in the North. ISBN 978-0955950520 £35.00

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Teaching Resources & Packs

000008The Distance We Have Travelled This pack of teaching materials, based on interviews with members of the Somali, Kurdish and Afghani refugee communities in Manchester is aimed at educators in secondary, further and adult education. It is in four sections: an introduction to understanding refugee issues with information, key terms and key facts; profiles of Somalia, Afghanistan and Kurdistan with maps; mini-biographies of some of the refugee people interviewed for the project, together with an autobiography created from their interviews; a series of worksheets that teachers can use to explore the biographical and autobiographical material.  ISBN 978-0954287450 £7.50


000007Exploring Our Roots This teaching pack includes a book and DVD, based on interviews with people of South Asian, Chinese, West African and African Caribbean communities, covering Immigration, Settlement and Making Communities, Working Life, Culture and Identity, Generations On. It contains mini-biographies, pictures, maps, and other resource items. The pack was created by the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Education Trust.  The DVD was created by artist Kuljit ‘Kooj’ Chuhan / Metaceptive Media. ISBN 978-0954287443 £27.50


000080Here Comes the Fair is a teaching pack about the lives of Britain’s Travelling Showmen, built around photographs and life stories of young Showmen. The pack contains a 20 page teacher book, 5 A2 full colour posters and 20 work-cards for use in the classroom. ISBN 978-0955950582 £20.00


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Previous Publications – now out of print

The following are now out of print but copies are still available to read in our library.

Blue Fox book cover

The Blue Fox is a traditional folk-tale from Bengal, retold and illustrated by children from Acaias Community Primary School . Lallu the red fox falls into a tub of blue dye and, in his blue disguise, rules all the other animals. But what happens when the other animals discover  the trick Lallu has played on them? ISBN  978-0956517623 SOLD OUT


King Popiel book coverKing Popiel and the Mouse Army is a Polish folk-tale retold and illustrated by year 2 children from Holy Name R.C. Primary School and St. Catherine’s R.C. Primary School  ISBN 978-095595054 SOLD OUT



safe yetAm I Safe Yet? (for adults) Nine women who came to Britain to seek asylum from violence and mistreatment tell their moving personal stories. The book was developed by Women Asylum Seekers Together (WAST) and is a partnership publication between WAST and the Trust. ISBN 978-0954287498 SOLD OUT