Cheetham Cultural Festival

Past event –

On Saturday 21st September myself, Angela and Hattie took part in the Cheetham Cultural Festival by displaying some material from one of our recent collections on the ground floor of Central Library.

The collection consists of Cheetham Hill Advice Centre’s (CHAC) organisational records, annual reports and advice booklets and the organisation is still in operation today.  CHAC was founded in the mid-70s and continues to deliver valuable information, support and advice to the local Cheetham community on debt, immigration, welfare and education.

It was a lovely to see Sinead O’Connor who is the Manager of Cheetham Hill Advice Centre who attended and to also meet Sarah Sedge the Chair of Trustees.  There were some interesting conversations and comments exchanged whilst looking through the material.

‘….oh wow they are typed on typewriters with hand-sketched pie charts and drawings!’

 ‘It’s interesting to notice how the issues faced by the local community 30-40 years ago are still the issues faced now’ 

Some of the typography and graphics on the early annual reports are very retro and unique, we just don’t get that anymore’

During the event we also gave a tour to members of the public to explore behind the scenes, our archive stores and the Race Relations Library. It was great to meet such an enthusiastic and engaged group of people.

‘ This has been very informative, thank you. I never knew what an archivist really did’

Tour of archive store

It was an absolute pleasure to display such a fantastic collection which will very soon be publicly available for research purposes here at Central Library.