Closure from 17.3.2020

It was decided yesterday (17.3.2020) that the Centre will close so that we can prioritise the safety of our staff, students, and users of the Centre.

Closure of the Centre means that the inquiry desk will not be staffed and therefore no face-to-face inquiries will be taking place. We are still reachable by email ([email protected]) and over our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – @aiucentre).

Unfortunately we will not be able to deliver our usual archive retrieval service. Those wanting to know more about our archives can still find our catalogues here (but you will not be able to view them until the University reopens):

Some of our archives are available digitally, and can be seen here:

Please refer to our website and social media channels to find out more about any events taking place at the Centre over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, please keep in touch with us and we send best wishes to all of our supporters, users and followers.

More information about coronavirus can be found here: