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Black History Month

October 2023

BHM 2023 Drafts (5)

Rather than focusing intensely on work around Black history for one month in the year, we want to use Black History Month to start off a programme of work which will be spread out through the year.

(You can read more about our new approach to commemorative days in this blog post: https://www.racearchive.org.uk/beyond-refugee-week-our-new-approach-to-refugee-week-black-history-month-international-womens-day-etc/)

To mark Black History Month this year, we want to create a Manchester Black Histories manifesto. This will set out how Manchester Black histories should be recorded, explored, shared and celebrated, We are asking our friends and partners of African or Caribbean heritage in Manchester to contribute to this. We will be collecting responses throughout October, and creating the manifesto to be shared at an event at the end of the year. You can find out all about it and how you can get involved in our blog post.


Previous Years


We Are Carnival!

Following the celebration of 50 years of the Manchester Caribbean Carnival in summer 2022, our Black History Month events that year were on the theme of Carnival!, looking at the history and the celebrations through workshops, music, poetry, family activities and food!

We were delighted to be able to host a workshop with noted Black History educator and researcher Linford Sweeney.
Linford Sweeney against a sunset background
“The history of Caribbean Carnivals is much more complex than many realise. Carnival has origins based in colonialism and religious conversion, but it has now become a festival and celebration tied to freedom and emancipation from slavery. Learn about how established African-Caribbean communities transferred the traditions associated with carnival to Manchester as we explore the roots of the different aspects of carnival.”

On 27 October we held our We Are Carnival! party.

“Explore historical carnival memories through archives via an exhibition, film provided by North West Film Archive, music by Manchester Carnival affiliated DJ and Host Kemoy Walker, a family arts workshop by local Artist Tina Ramos Ekongo, spoken word performances by Young Identity and delicious Caribbean food courtesy of Buzzrocks Caribbean Restaurant.


Display of books about CarnivalThe Black History Month website has a range of information and resources including online back issues of the Black History Month magazine: https://www.blackhistorymonth.org.uk/

You can find some useful information about Carnival (including pictures from our archives) on this blog post from the University of Manchester History Department:

The Beginnings of Manchester’s Caribbean Carnival

Link to our BHM blog posts from previous years: https://www.racearchive.org.uk/category/bhm/

There are some useful resources for educators on the TES Black History Month page: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/black-history-month

Resources for BHM will be added to this page throughout the month.