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Our mission is to make global majority history, heritage and culture more accessible, supporting excellence in research and learning.

What is engagement?

Engagement, as the Centre’s full name ( Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Archives and Community Engagement Centre) suggests,  is at the heart of everything we do. We encourage people to interact with the resources and information they can find in our archives and library, and to share their own experiences with us. We feel it is important that users are able to find a meaningful connection with our collections.

We work both within and outside traditional educational settings, with young people and adults. We welcome interaction with schools, youth groups, universities and community groups, and are constantly looking at new ways of engaging both virtually and in person. While we, as a small team, are unable to engage individually with every group which has an interest in our work, we are constantly developing new ways in which they can access and use our resources for themselves, including self-guided tours and study guides.

We also provide support for community groups who want to learn how to create their own archives and record their own oral histories – you can find downloadable resources here . (We may also able to arrange in-person training with community groups dependent on availability of staff.)

You can find  more detail about the different types of support we can offer educators on this page: Support for Educators 

Please contact us at the main email address, [email protected],  if you have any queries about what we can offer.