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To support the work of educators, and as part of our mission to make global majority history, heritage and culture more accessible, supporting excellence in research and learning, we want to equip young people with the tools they need to take pride in their own histories and appreciate others’, to recognise and challenge racist and discriminatory narratives, and to help them to make sense of the world today. We also want young people to feel more connected to their local stories. We hope to spark and nurture a passion for enquiry and learning.

We recognise the important work going on in schools and youth settings to enable young people to explore the history of multi-cultural Britain and its Global Majority communities, and to ensure young people see themselves and each other represented in the curriculum.

We provide support for anti-racist education in a number of ways:

Supporting self-led work

Our library and archive collections can play a key role in educational work, equipping teachers and youth workers with unique materials to draw on in teaching and youth work. They will also help educators develop contextual knowledge, to teach confidently.

Our library space is a great space where you can access our library collection any time Manchester Central Library is open. There are books at all levels from primary school to academic studies, and the majority can be borrowed on a Manchester City Council library ticket. (We do have some harder-to-replace books which are reference only).  We can make arrangements for schools to borrow a selection of books for a specific event or topic.

Visiting our archives can be arranged easily online, and provides access to unique original materials.

Downloadable anti-racist educational resources – we are currently in the process of creating a range of educational resources for primary and secondary schools and other educational settings, which can be downloaded by signing on to our educational resource portal.

We will ask you to complete a short form to gain access to the downloadable resources, to help us monitor how our material is being used.

You will be able to access the form from this page very soon

Workshops and visits

We are able to work with a limited number of schools and youth groups each year. This work is generally fairly intensive and takes place over several sessions, and where possible produces a shareable resource which can then be made available to other groups.